Getting to San Marino. San Marino

Getting to San Marino. San Marino is a dwarf state located inside Italian territory on the slopes of Titanic Mountain. San Marino is just a must visit.

  Getting to San Marino. San Marino

   Getting to San Marino. San Marino - a dwarf state located within Italian territory on the slopes of Titanic Hill. The Republic of San Marino is a small country of only 61 km² surrounded by Italy. San Marino is the least populous country in the Council of Europe. Only 33,285 residents live in San Marine. San Marino claims to be the oldest constitutional republic in the world. Christian Stonemason Marin founded it in 301 AD. His name is San Marino. The San Marino Constitution was drafted in 1600. is the oldest constitution still in force in the world.

San MarinasSan Marino  If you are vacationing in the Adriatic Sea in Italy, you just have to visit San Marino. There is no customs control on entering San Marino. If you follow the road from the resort of Rimini, you will be greeted by a symbolic arch with the words "Welcome to the Land of Freedom". From a distance you will see three watchtowers: Guaita, Cesta, Montale.

History of San Marino. Christian stonemason Marin Dalmatian, later worshiped as Saint Marin, in whose honor the country is named, fled the Dalmatian island of Rab to escape the persecution of Diocletian. He stayed at Monte Titano, where he worked as a stonemason and spread Christianity. At the summit of Monte Titano, he founded a small Christian community. Where to treat people with various diseases. At that time, the mountain and all the land around it belonged to Felicisima, a lady from Rimini. Felicima, who learned that the Christian community had settled on her estate and did not pay any taxes, sent her son with the army to see the unwanted guests. When his son came to Titan Mountain, he fell from a horse and was seriously injured. The troops took him to Rimini. Felicima called the most famous doctors at the time, but no one could help. Then one of the advisers told Felicim that Titan Hill is home to St. Marin, who can cure any disease. Felicima went to Titan Hill and met Saint Marin, who said she would pray for her son and when she returned home, her son would be healed. And indeed, upon his return to Rimini, Felicim's son began to recover rapidly. The landowner, Felicisima, gratefully gave the entire Mount Titan to St. Marin and advised him to remain united at all times.

San MarinasSan Marino

While still alive, Marin was proclaimed a saint, and when he died he uttered prophetic words, "I leave you free from other people." Both his followers and all who lived there never forgot these sacred words and fought for it in every possible way. As a result, this territory has been able to remain free and independent for centuries, not only through diplomatic tricks and influential allies, but also through the shedding of sufficient blood at the country's approaches. "Libertas" - freedom, we see the word everywhere - on sidewalk tiles, home decoration panels, on the walls of state buildings.

San Marino pilisSan Marino Castle

The most interesting facts about San Marino.

1. The Lightest Republic - So officially called San Marino.

2. San Marino was occupied three times by foreign troops, but only for a very short time.

3. As Napoleon's army marched through Europe, Napoleon was also preparing to capture San Marino. But one of the advisers told Napoleon the story of San Marino. After that, Napoleon not only did not occupy San Marino, but also offered San Marino more land, that is, access to the Adriatic Sea. But the San Marino council, after consulting, declined Napoleon's gift, stating that they didn't need foreign lands.

4. San Marino has no troops these days.

5. Trade in stamps accounts for a quarter of the country's revenue.

6. Italy pays San Marino a tribute of some EUR 2 billion each year. That San Marino does not produce cigarettes and run a Casino. San Marine is not a Casino.

7. San Marino's budget is in surplus.

8. San Marino has no prisons and courts. These services are leased from Italy.

9. Citizenship of San Marino can only be obtained after fifteen years of legal marriage with a San Marino or after thirty years of legal residence in the Republic.

10. Stade Olimpico, the largest stadium in the country, accommodates around 7,000 people. viewers. The stadium is played by the San Marino football team, which usually loses them. The biggest defeat in history was against the World Champions Germans in 2006, even 0-13. Although the team usually loses, the stadium is almost always full.

San Marino pilysCastles of San Marino  

  San Marino is quite small so the whole country can be explored on foot. Just take a tour of the country towns at the foot of Mount Titan - each municipality has something to offer. You can visit the numerous museums in the capital San Marino and visit the castle.

San Marino muziejusSan Marino Museum

  What to bring to San Marino? Because San Marine has very low taxes, everything here is cheaper than in Italy. San Marino is famous for leather goods, textiles and jewelry. If you are collecting stamps from your friends, be sure to bring the San Marino stamps to them.

  What to do in San Marine?  San Marino is surrounded on all sides by Italy, so its cuisine is very similar. We love various pasta dishes, pizza, risotto, seafood, mushrooms. Despite its Italian influence, San Marina is also proud of some of its traditional dishes, the rabbit stew, which without a taste of leaving the country would be a crime. And if you don't want to eat yet, order a branded dessert, the Three Mountains cake. These are waffles topped with coffee cream and chocolate with peanuts.

Prices at local restaurants don't really bother, lunch for a person is around 10 €. A cup of coffee with a wonderful view into the Adriatic Sea costs 1.5 Euro.

San Marinas. San MarinoSan Marino. San Marino

  Where to live in San Marine? We recommend looking for accommodation in Rimini to save. It's only an hour's drive, but hotel prices are significantly cheaper.

Rimini - cheap hotels, inexpensive hotel rooms, and plenty of photos and customer reviews to help you make your choice. Hotel prices start at € 9 per person. You can check hotel prices by clicking on the link.

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