Ten places of interest in Kaunas

Not sure what to visit in Kaunas? We recommend visiting the most interesting places in Kaunas.

Not sure what to visit in Kaunas? We recommend visiting the most interesting places in Kaunas.

  1. Kaunas Castle and Kaunas Old Town. 

  Kaunas Castle. The confluence of the Nemunas and Neris rivers in Kaunas is one of the epicenter of medieval Lithuanian battles. There were so many battles and lots of blood shed here. The origin of the name of Kaunas city is related to the struggles. The battleground and the castle “Kaunas” came from the word “fight”. In historical sources, the oldest mention of Kaunas castle dates back to 1361 - Kaunas (Kawen) and its castle are mentioned in the Vygand Marburgian chronicle. Although the place where Kaunas Castle stands is quite good because of its strategic location, already in the 4th century there were settlements surrounded by wood and clay defenses.

  The Old Town of Kaunas attracts with Europeanism, with many cultural, historical buildings and cozy cafes. Kaunas Old Town is always full of tourists and people who value Kaunas history. One of the most popular places in Kaunas Old Town is Vilniaus Street.

Kauno pilis ir Kauno Senamiestis. Kaunas Castle and Kaunas Old Town.

2. Kaunas Town Hall and Town Hall Square

  Kaunas City Hall tower is 53 meters high. The Town Hall is the centerpiece of the entire Old Town of the city. Kaunas Town Hall Square was formed around it. From time immemorial, Kaunas Town Hall Square hosts many different events that extend throughout the Old Town.

3. Old Kaunas marina.

  The old marina of Kaunas, now called by the name of the Port Quay, is decided by politicians. The first Kaunas merchants are mostly emigrants from the Hanseatic cities, who reached Kaunas by the Nemunas and landed at the Old Quay. They started to form the community of Kaunas citizens, following the example of their home towns. conferred the right of Magdeburg, ie self-government.

4. Lithuanian Zoo.

  Formerly known as Kaunas Zoo, the Lithuanian Zoo is the oldest zoo in Lithuania. Kaunas Zoo was officially opened in 1938. July 1, Prof. dr., the most famous Lithuanian zoologist, traveler and writer. Initiated by Tadas Ivanauskas.

Ticket price to the zoo. 

Adults - 5 EUR

Children aged 5-16, schoolchildren, students, retired, disabled, 30-55% the level of incapacity for work, based on a documentary proof, EUR 3

5. Pažaislis Monastery Ensemble

Pažaislis Monastery - Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the Camaldolese Monastery located in Pažaislis, on the peninsula of Kaunas. Pažaislis Church and Monastery Ensemble is one of the finest masterpieces of mature Baroque architecture in Northeast Europe.

6. Vytautas the Great War Museum

Vytautas the Great War Museum is one of the oldest museums in Lithuania. The founder of the Museum (since January 1, 2006) is the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Lithuania

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10 am - 5 pm
Ticket offices are closed 30 minutes later. by the end of the workday.
Ticket prices: adults - 2 €
schoolchildren, students, disabled, retired people under 70 (with certificate) - 1 €
Admission for family (1-2 adults + 1 and up to 18 years) - 4,5 €

Vytauto Didžiojo karo muziejusVytautas the Great War Museum   The Vytautas the Great War Museum will also soon open its doors in the Military Engineering Department, located at Kaunas Sixth Fort. The Military Engineering section will be available for viewing the First and Second War techniques.

7. Kaunas Presidency

  The year 2019 marks the hundredth anniversary of the first President of the Republic of Lithuania, Antanas Smetona, together with the Office of the President, having moved to the former Kaunas Governor's Palace after the withdrawal of the head of the Oberost civil administration and Lithuania's independence. The building, which housed all three Lithuanian Presidents of 1919-1940, became a symbol of the Lithuanian Center of Statehood and Political Power.

Visiting Kaunas Presidency Museum 

Ticket 5,00 Eur

Ticket with 50% discount 2,50 Eur

Excursion in Lithuanian language 10,00 Eur

English tour 15,00 Eur

Kauno prezidentūraKaunas Presidency

8. The funicular of Kaunas Green Hill

Žaliakalnis funicular (or Žaliakalnis lift) is one of the two Kaunas lifts, the first in the city and in Lithuania, one of the oldest operating lifts in Europe, operating since 1931. The length of the cable car is 142 m, the journey takes 1 min 38 s.

9. Basilica of the Resurrection of Christ

After Lithuania regained its independence, in 1922 The idea to build a church in Kaunas, the then temporary capital, emerged as a symbol of gratitude to God for his redemption of freedom. About one million Smetonic Litas were spent on the church, half of which was donated. The Resurrection Basilica of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Resurrection Church) is the largest basilica of monumental architecture in the Baltic States. While visiting the Basilica of the Resurrection of Christ in Kaunas, it is worthwhile to ascend to the basilica terrace, which is located on the roof of this shrine. From here you have a wonderful panorama of Kaunas and its surroundings.

10. Kaunas Fortress IX Fort.

The ninth fort, one of the forts of Kaunas fortress, is located in the northwest of the city. Built between 1901 and 1913. 

19th century At the end of the 18th century the defense of Kaunas Fortress was strengthened. Kaunas city was surrounded by eight forts and nine artillery batteries. Since 1924 The fort was used as a heavy labor prison in Kaunas city. During the Soviet occupation (1940-1941), the fort was temporarily used by the NKVD to hold political prisoners on their way to the Siberian Gulag camps.

During Nazi German occupation Kaunas Ninth Fort was used as a mass extermination site. According to a German report, 2007 men, 2,920 women and 4,273 children were killed. Jews from France, Austria and Germany were also killed in the fort. Since then, the Ninth Fort is known as the "Fort of Death." 

  Currently, Kaunas Ninth Fort is home to the museum of national significance, Kaunas Ninth Fort, where various themed expositions are open.

Ticket price for adults is 3 euros

discount ticket 1,5 euro

LAST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH - free exhibitions (paid excursions).

Museum tour (Exposition of Occupations, Fort IX, underground) Duration: 3 h. It costs 30 euros

Tour "History of the 9th Fort" Duration: 1 hour 30 min. Price 15 euros.

THEMATIC EXCURSIONS: Duration: about 1 hour. cost 10 euros.

Kauno tvirtovės IX fortas9th Fort of Kaunas Fortress. German soldiers.

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