Great Alpine Road or Grosglokner Alpine Road

The Great Alpine Road: Are You Ready for the Challenge? Traveling by car on the Grosglokner Alps. Probably the most beautiful route in Europe.

  The Great Alpine Road or alias Grosglokner Alps there are probably some along the way the most beautiful routethat can be seen while driving. Whether you reach it by driving from Lithuania or flying to Austria, rent a car and then descend into the Great Alpine Road, these will be unique impressions that will not leave you indifferent. The 48-kilometer-long Alpine Road with 36 turns gives you a natural driving experience and enjoyment. While driving, you will enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains or mountain lakes, and if you can't take your eyes off the road and enjoy the stunning panoramas, no problem. There are parking lots on the road about every couple of kilometers where you can admire God's wonders when you get out of your car. Fans of selfies will be able to immortalize themselves in fantastic shows. Grossglockner is Austria's highest mountain in 3 798, in honor of this summit and named after all the way.

Didysis Alpių kelias arba dar vadinamas Grosgloknerio Alpių keliuGrosglokner Hill 

. The Great Austrian Road leads through the Hohe Tauern National Park in Austria. It is not long, only 48 km, but do not expect to overcome this distance quickly: the road starts at 805 m and ends at 1 301 m, but you will have to cross the Hochtor crossing at 2 504 m. Thus, the difference between the highest and lowest point of the road is almost 1 700 m. The Great Austrian Road is a serpentine with 36 turns. The average slope of the northern part of the road is 7.1%, the southern slope - 8.6%, and the maximum - 10.2%. 

Didysis Alpių kelias arba dar vadinamas Grosgloknerio Alpių keliasThe Great Alpine Road, also known as the Grosglokner Alpine Road    A ride on the Great Alpine Road costs € 36.50 per day for a passenger car and € 26.50 for a motorcycle. If you want an alpine ride all month long, you have to pay 57 euros. I write for a ride because it is a ride, this road leads nowhere and it is an impasse. It is open only during the day and during the warm season - from 1 November to 30 April, the Great Alpine Road is closed. The road may also be closed in the summer if it is judged by supervisors to be dangerous due to adverse meteorological conditions. If you are experiencing stress while driving, you will have to stop at an alpine waterfall. Back in 1806, an Austrian doctor found that watering this waterfall helps relieve anxiety and cures depression. The sound of this waterfall recorded by this waterfall is now being used for many mental illnesses. 

  About one million vehicles pass through the high Alpine road every year, showing its popularity. The Great Alpine Road began to be built in the interwar period, as Austria, Italy and Germany collectively had only 154,000. cars. At the time, many said it was a pointless waste of money. The Great Depression (also known as the Great Depression) began in the United States in 1929, affecting not only other European countries but also Austria. It would appear that there was no need to speak of a new mountain pass at the time of the crisis, as Austrian production fell by 25% in three years, but the Austrian government did the opposite by reviving the Great Alpine Route. And the reason is quite simple: at that time there were about half a million unemployed in Austria, meaning half a million starving men, not including their families. As one Austrian said, people would not beg or ask for government benefits, they came up with a job. Over three thousand unemployed people got a job at a roadside shelter. 

Didysis Alpių kelias,Grosgloknerio Alpių keliasGreat Alpine Road. View through the car window   Be sure to bring carrots if you are traveling with children. Reaching the top of the road while you sip a coffee quietly, children will be able to feed the whistles. There are many caves with whistles warming up their noses, others warming up on the rocks before sunrise.

Alpių švilpikasThe Alpine Whistle Going back you can buy whiskey oil, says cures for many illnesses, but I do not recommend buying tops, very high price. Going down the Moo Mountains, the same whistle oil costs half as much.

  And finally, some tips for riders Grosglokner Alps along the way. First of all, make sure the brake pads are not worn before traveling, and do not hold down the brake pedal all the way down the hill, allow the brake discs to cool down. Add more fuel, because with 10 liters for hundreds of kilometers you will certainly not get tired. Beware of motorcyclists.

The car hit a motorcycleDidysis Alpių kelias arba dar vadinamas Grosgloknerio Alpių keliu yra ko gero gražiausias maršrutasThe Great Alpine Road or alias Grosglokner Alps there are probably some along the way the most beautiful routeHave a nice trip On the Great Alpine Road.


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