The most beautiful castles in Lithuania. Castles of Panemune

The most beautiful castles in Lithuania. Panemunė castles - castles in Lithuania that you must visit. Travel routes in Lithuania by car.

  The most beautiful castles in Lithuania. Castles in Lithuania that you must visit. Travel routes in Lithuania by car. If you go by the sea, choose the motorway instead of the motorway. This will take you much more time, but the images you see will pay off in bulk.

  Lithuania is rich in castles and vibrant traces of history that can be enjoyed on holidays and turned into intellectual entertainment for the whole family. Castles are a part of Lithuanian history that must be shown to foreign guests, their children and friends. Only by knowing our history will we become personalities that will not be broken by adversity. There are over thirty castles in Lithuania. It is an interesting fact that the building material of most castles in Lithuania was wood, which is why a large part of Lithuanian castles did not survive, only mounds remained in their place. Some castles remind us of ruins, such as the ruins of Dubingiai, Baltadvaris, Eišiškės, Rokantiškės, Old Trakai, Upyte or Klaipėda castles. Some castles have been fully or at least partially restored. We will choose this time Panemunė castles route.

Panemunės pilysCastles of Panemune

Castles of Panemune - this is the tourist route left by us for centuries. From Kaunas to Jurbarkas there are several winding roads: on the one hand, the Nemunas River, on the other, the cliffs with castles dating back to the time of Duke Vytenis - thirteenth century. Really everyone needs to see it. Nemunas castles road, these are beautiful views of the Nemunas River, the aura of old mounds, which are emitted by the memory of the great - grandfathers who fell here for freedom, and the castles that have survived to this day. Panemunė Castle Road continues on a very scenic route from Kaunas to Jurbarkas.

Panemunės pilysCastles of Panemune 

  Kaunas Castle - The oldest stone castle in Lithuania, standing in Kaunas, the second largest city in the country. For the first time, written sources mention 1361. In the place where the castle stands, there were settlements surrounded by wood and clay defenses already in the 4th-5th centuries. Medieval Lithuania greeted the aggression of the Teutonic Knights with wooden castles. This was probably the first Kaunas castle. In historical sources the oldest mention of Kaunas castle dates back to 1361 - Kaunas (Kawen) and its castle are mentioned in the Vygand Marburg chronicle. The first stone castle in Kaunas was built in the 14th century - it is the oldest stone castle in Lithuania and was built by German craftsmen. It was destined to become one of the most important points of resistance in the Lithuanian battles against the Crusaders. Due to its important strategic position, the castle was attacked many times.

Kauno pilisKaunas Castle

  Raudondvaris Castle - stands in Raudondvaris, on the right bank of the Nevėžis. Architectural ensemble consisting of 17th century. 1st half Renaissance castle palace, north and south cinemas, conservatory, locker house, stables, housekeeper's cabin, north and south barns, ice cream parlor and park. The color of the manor walls gave the name to the whole settlement. Although the palace is called a castle and has the features of a castle (tower, shooting openings), it was not defensive, the walls would not have been easily overcome by cannons of that time. It was a representative palace.

  Raudone Castle - The first castles on the Nemunas coast were built around 1300 years as a defensive post against the Crusaders. After the Battle of Grunwald, their importance vanished. However, the castles were reborn in the 16th-17th centuries, when the Nemunas became a trade route. Raudonė castle is classified as such second generation representative castles of panemunė. Tourists are allowed to enter the tower of Raudone Castle (33.5 m high). The castle tower offers spectacular views of the landscape. The old linden alley, the famous Gediminas oak, is preserved in Raudone Castle Park.

Raudonės pilisRaudone Castle
  Panemune Castle - Renaissance style residence castle in Jurbarkas district, built on the high bank of the Nemunas. Architectural monument. The castle belongs to Vilnius Academy of Arts. 

  The settlements near the Nemunas River have been inhabited by Baltic tribes since ancient times: the Suduvians and the Yotvingians, the Skalvians and the Aukštaitians, the Samogitians and the Curonians. Later, during the fighting with the Crusaders, the riverbanks became very important for the emerging Lithuanian state - the united defensive castle system stopped the attacks of the German Order and prevented easy penetration into the depths of the land. It is believed that in the territory of Panemunė castle there could have been the estate of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytenis, where this famous Lithuanian ruler was buried. According to legend, Vytenis was killed in 1315. attacking Christmemel's Crusader Castle, which was in the vicinity of what is now Skirsnemune. Panemunė Castle Park Two hills rolled into the tombs of Duke Vytenis and his wife during the Romantic era.

Panemunės pilysCastles of Panemune


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