What to visit in Anyksciai

What to visit in Anyksciai? Places to visit on arrival in Anykščiai.

  Anykščiai has attracted a large number of tourists for many years and is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Lithuania. Therefore, without following the leaflets of travel agencies, I selected the most interesting places to visit when visiting Anykščiai.

Tree crown trail in Anykščiai.

  Probably the most visited entertainment in Anykščiai is instantly popular Tree crown trail. The trail in the Regional Park stretches over the tops of Anykščiai Shill, sung by Antanas Baranauskas.
Ascending to the 35-meter-high observation tower, you will enjoy the magnificent landscape of the meanders and valley of the Šventoji River. The information boards are equipped with information about trees, stand structure, forest plants and animals. The boardwalk is designed for people with disabilities who are lifted to the observation tower by a lift.

Medžių lajų takas Anykščiuose.Tree crown trail in Anykščiai. 

Puntukas and Šventoji sightseeing trail

  Since Puntukas stone is right next to the Tree Canopy Trail, it is a must visit as well. Puntukas is undoubtedly the most popular stone in Lithuania. The pebble weighing 265 tons is named after the mighty Puntuk. According to one legend, it was on the stone of Puntukas that the Lithuanian warrior and brave warlord Puntukas, who was named after him, was burned. The most popular myth about the Puntuk stone is how the devil carried the stone to demolish the church and lost it when the cocks swelled?
If you like cycling or long walks, the Šventoji sightseeing trail should be on your list of attractions. The trail is more than 4 kilometers long and has 20 sightseeing stops.


Safari Park in Anykščiai, Lithuania.

   Opened in spring 2019, the Anykščiai Safari Park attracts crowds of people eager to see the animals grow loose. Read more about Safari Park by clicking on the link https://www.aplankyti.lt/safari-parkas-lietuvoje-safaris-anyksciuose/  

Safari parkas Lietuvoje, Anykščiuose.Safari Park in Anykščiai, Lithuania. Labyrinth Park

   This is great entertainment for all ages. Here you can test your luck and your orientation skills. Labyrinth Park consists of four different labyrinths and many other fun activities for the whole family. A picnic area is ready for your special celebrations. Buy a gift voucher and give yourself or your friends a holiday! Labyrinth Park is payable, price 4 euros, family ticket 10 euros.

Barefoot footpath of Anykščiai shilling

In the Anykščiai district, near the Lajai Trail, new entertainment is offered for both small and large - eco-friendly barefoot footpath. The length of the trail is 1 km 200 meters. It is a completely natural, nature-friendly footpath, barefoot only. As you walk under the forest you will feel sandy sand or natural moss, rough cones, wet feet in the lake, and as you walk along the bricks found in the Puntuk countryside you will follow the paths of history. The trail will really surprise you and give you the opportunity to experience incredible sensations.

Anykščių šilelio eko basų kojų takasAnykščiai shilling eco barefoot trail    If you want to get extreme, you can also go through a dirt ditch, don't be afraid to get your feet dirty, along with foot washbasins. Only when passing through a dirt ditch does the smell come from the pleasant ones.

ekologiškas basų kojų takaseco-friendly barefoot footpath    According to the creators of this trail, "Our ancestors used to say that walks in the wild are essential. It strengthens our immune system, helps to relax and massages the nervous areas in our feet that directly affect our organs by pressing or touching. Almost all biologically active points in the body are located in the human limbs. Reflexotherapy also helps to deal with everyday stress, tension, and brings harmony between body and soul. Foot massage is probably the most pleasant of all types of massage. It relaxes, relieves fatigue, improves sleep and has a positive effect on the whole body. This entertainment gains € 4.

Aukštaitija narrow gauge railway, now just affectionately called Narrow gauge railway.

   Anykščiai Narrow Gauge - the so-called Aukštaitija Narrow Gauge Railway, so fondly known, dates back to the second century. It began operating in 1899. It was a time of black locomotives and wooden wagons.

Aukštaitijos siaurasis geležinkelis. Muziejus.Aukštaitija narrow gauge railway. The Museum. 

  2001 A public institution "Aukštaitijos Narrow Gauge Railway", a non-profit organization established, was established, established, established, established in 1994. It maintains, protects and operates the railway complex, which is spread over 260 ha. It is one of the most unique monuments of engineering heritage in Lithuania. The ticket costs 3 euros, the discount ticket only 2 euros. After buying a ticket you will not only hear the whole story of Siaurukas, but also drive to Drezina. Dresina is a self-propelled railway carriage or chassis for running on rails and carrying persons, for inspection of rails or for other business purposes. If you wish, you will be able to ride a tricycle on the rails that railroaders used to ride in ancient times.


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