What to visit and do in Israel. A trip to Israel.

What to visit and do in Israel? Israel is a small country with access to as many as three seas: the Dead, the Red and the Mediterranean. A trip to Israel.

What to visit and do in Israel? Israel is a small country with access to as many as three seas: the Dead, the Red and the Mediterranean. There are many famous and interesting places. The State of Israel is a Jewish state in the Middle East, eastern Mediterranean. Israel borders Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt. The country's GDP is thirty-second in the world. The country has a large pool of skilled labor, one of the most advanced countries in terms of tertiary education, as well as a country with the highest levels of R&D spending. In 1953, Israel established an aerospace company.

  If you are going to Israel, you will have to decide which city to fly to because low cost airlines fly to Eilat and Tel Aviv. If you want to see the history of Israel and to visit the famous landmarks of Israel, I recommend to fly to Eilat if you want to see nightlife in Israel. To avoid duplication about Eilat and Eilat attractions, read the link https://www.aplankyti.lt/ka-kelioneje-aplankyti-eilate-izraelyje/.

Delfinų rifas EilateDolphin Reef in Eilat 
Here are some tips for travelers to Israel.  If you are renting a car, make sure you take a picture or film all the scratches on the car so that you do not have a problem returning the car. Most rental cars work only until 17.00, so if you book your car while in Lithuania, make sure you can arrive at the car rental desk before it closes. If you are flying to Eilat, it will take about an hour by bus from Eilat Airport to Eilat City. There are no rental cars at Eilat Airport itself. And a tip for women and girls, be sure to buy cosmetics Premier made from Dead Sea minerals. Prices in Israel you can check by clicking the link https://www.booking.com/searchresults.en.html?region=3230&aid=1858060&no_rooms=1&group_adults=2&room1=A%2CA

Places of Interest in Israel:

1. Eilat and the Dolphin Reef. 

2. Masada Fortress. For many years, persecuted and despised Jews have been united and inspired by Masada, a symbol of the struggle for freedom and national pride. The Masada Fortress, where, according to a generational narrative, when the Romans surrounded the fortress and made it impossible to defend themselves from the Roman army, about a thousand Jews decided to commit suicide rather than to become Roman slaves. Today, Masada is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a magnificent ancient fortress that once stood here with fantastic views of the Dead Sea. Climbing Mount Masada will require a bit of fun.

Vaizdas nuo Masada kalnoView of Masada Mountain, in the distance you can see the Dead Sea 

3. The Dead Sea

4. Jerusalem

5. Nazareth

7. Lake Galilee. Right next to Nazareth is Lake Tiberias, often called Lake Galilee. It reminds us more of Jesus 'miracles: how he came to his disciples as he walked on the surface of the lake, how he overwhelmed a great storm when the waves had already struck the disciples' boat. Peter came to Jesus on the surface of the lake, but when he saw the strength of the storm and doubted, he began to sink.

Galilėjo arba Tiberiados ežerasGalilee or Lake Tiberias

8. Jafa - Palestine's oldest city. It is the crossroads of cultures where Noah's biblical arch was built, the mythical Greek Andromeda cliff rises near the shore at sea, and the Christian apostle Peter was staying by the sea in a hospitable city.

9. The Jordan River. The Jordan River originates in the Golan Heights, flows into Lake Galilee, and flows out of the other side of the lake into the Dead Sea, halfway through the Israeli river. Today only a small amount of Jordan's water flows into the Dead Sea, as most of the water is used for domestic purposes or for watering fields. At the Jordan River, John the Baptist invited people to convert and be baptized. In the Jordan River, John the Baptist also baptized Jesus himself. Today, the Jordan River originates in the border area between Israel and Jordan, the boundaries of which are protected by armed troops. It is not recommended to cross or cross the river. A tourist landmark crossing the Jordan River with floats separating Israel and Jordan.

Jordano upė. Vieta kur buo pakrikštytas JezusThe Jordan River. The place where Jesus was baptized   On the Jordan River, visit the place where Jesus was baptized. You can also buy a white T-shirt at the shop nearby. After you dry your shirt, bring it home. He says that if you have any disease and wear that shirt, you will recover faster. At the place where Jesus was baptized and now there are baptismal ceremonies.

Jordano upė. Vieta kur buo pakrikštytas JezusThe Jordan River. The place where Jesus was baptized

  The buoys in the middle of the Jordan River are the border between Israel and Jordan.

10. Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is a city in Israel, located on the western Mediterranean coast. Israel's largest port city, metropolitan area, financial and commercial center. Together with the metropolitan area, Tel Aviv has a population of 3.8 million. population.

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