What to visit in Latvia on a trip? Unconventional seaside recreation

What to visit in Latvia on a trip? So we load our suitcases, hear our horse and drive to Latvia.

  Probably the most traveled traveler has a question, so what can you see on your trip in Latvia? So we load our suitcases, hear our horse and travel to Latvia. Direction Melnsils town, Latvia, right near Kolka horn.

  Most people will probably be wondering what to see in some Latvian countryside. It is true to see apart from the Gulf of Riga and Cape Kolka. But it is possible to live in "backa" :). Who gets fed up with all-inclusive candles will definitely be a good time. Take food, drinks, matches and travel. Firewood for cooking will be available locally, a huge bag costs € 3. Just remember that you will live without electricity, gas and other necessary inventions of civilization. You will live in a barrel-shaped hut on the seashore. You will have to prepare food on the scrap, tea or coffee will also turn into the scrap. Well, if you run out of patience, you can have a coffee at the front desk and have a coffee at a nearby cafe, and beer costs $ 5. But if you expect it to be cheap, you are wrong. We drove for two, but we rented a quadruple barrel, which cost 65 euros one night.

When we got fed up with shashliks and grilled sausages, we decided to try a traditional Latvian dish, beans with meat. I will not lie, really delicious was 🙂

You can book a barrel here https://www.melnsils.lv/ 


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