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  Just next to the Lithuanian favorite Liepaja is KAROSTA, translated into Lithuanian as Military Port. It is worth visiting two places in Karosta: Karosta Prison and Karost Fortress Ruins near the Baltic Sea.

Karosto įtvirtinimo griuvėsiai  Karosta, the port of Emperor Alexander III, was once the largest military base in the Baltic Sea, in fact, an independent city. The first military town came here in the 19th century. At the end, at the initiative of Alexander III, Emperor of the Russian Empire. The fortress was closed and fully autonomous - it had its own school, post office, power station. In 1901 one of the biggest celebrities of Liepaja was founded here - St. The Nicolas Church, which remains the tallest dome structure in the Baltic States to date. Later, a military prison was set up in the town for some of the sailors who participated in the 1905 Revolution.

Karosta įtvirtinimo griuvėsiai

  The northern forts are an integral part of the fortifications of Liepaja. The fortifications were built in the 19th century. end - 20th century Their aim is to protect the Liepaja naval base from possible enemy attacks. The fortification system surrounded the whole city.
In November 1908, the Liepaja fortifications were dismantled because it was recognized that their construction was a strategic mistake. Some of the guns were dismantled and transported to Lithuania, to Kaunas, and some of them were melted. Attempts to blow up artillery guns, underground and gunpowder depots were unsuccessful, and the remains of tsarist Russia's newer and more modern fortifications remain to this day.

By appointment, you can take a guided tour of the forts and explore the underground labyrinths in torchlight.

The tour takes about 1 hour.

   During World War I, 1915 in the summer, the forts were blown up to prevent them from being used by the Germans.
  During the Second World War, the Soviet Army settled in Karosta. The town was a perfect base for a military base as it has a non-freezing harbor, so submarines could moor here.
  Walking down the ruined forts, you start to compare them to the ruins of the Soviet Union.

The northern forts are about 4 km from the Karinthian Prison.

Karosta Prison is the only military prison in Europe that has opened its doors to tourists. It is considered the most unusual hotel in the world.

Karosta kalėjimas

  The prison wall dates back to about 1900. It was originally intended to be a hospital, but treatment services in this building were never started. It was decided to turn the new walls into a place of short-term disciplinary action. The building served this purpose until 1997, the year in which the last prisoners were evicted from prison cells. During all these years no one escaped from Karosta prison.

You can find out about all the challenges and challenges of Karosta Prison in a guided tour. This is the best alternative to sniffing out this, to say the least, touristy object that has changed little since the Tsarist era - to learn about its history, to see prison cells and a prison cell, to hear interesting and sometimes horrible stories from prison life

Adrenaline-thirsty faces face realistic challenges - a behind-the-scenes program or tasks to get out of the dark and closed. If it was still small, the prison could be booked overnight.Karosta kalėjimas

Karosta kalėjimas

karosta kalėjimas

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