What to see in Birštonas? Birstonas attractions.

Not sure what to do in Birštonas, we recommend Birštonas attractions. What to see in Birštonas?

Not sure what to do in Birštonas, we recommend Birštonas attractions. What to see in Birštonas?

   Birstonas Is a resort town in the south of Lithuania in Kaunas County. It is a balneological and mud therapy resort. According to archaeological findings, settlements at this site were known during the Mesolithic and Bronze Age. It was first mentioned in Vygand Marburg's "New Prussian Chronicle" in 1382, when Marshal von von Hatenstein divided his army into three parts to attack Punia, Alytus and Birštonas during the march to Lithuania. Here Birstonas is referred to as the Birstan site near the salt springs. At that time the wooden castle of Birštonas belonged to the defensive system of the Panemunė castles, later it was the residence of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Vytautas. After the Battle of Grunwald, Panemunė castles became irrelevant and Birštonas became the hunting ground of Ldk Vytautas - beasts, especially bison, were hunted and hunted from the surroundings. Here from the 14th to 15th centuries was a manor of Birštonas hunting of the dukes, which was loved not only by Vytautas, but also by Kazimieras Jogailaitis with his sons and Duchess Elena.



     Places of Interest in Birstonas:

  Birštonas Nemunas embankment.  20th century In the 1960s the quay was built to protect the resort from flooding, but eventually became the most important Birstonas promenade. The 2 km hiking and cycling trail along the Nemunas coast connects Vytautas Hill and Birštonas Central Park. The quay has benches for relaxation and enjoyment in the silence of the river. One of them is named the Dream Bench. Tourists say that walking and relaxing on the Nemunas coast is better than a few sanatorium treatments. The microclimate near the quay is also special. Depending on the season, you will feel the smells of flowers and trees blooming on the coast as you step on. Although the quay is also for cyclists, we do not recommend cycling on the weekends as there are many pedestrians.

Birštono Nemuno krantinėBirštonas Nemunas embankment
Birštono Nemuno krantinėBirštonas Nemunas embankment
    Sculpture by Vytautas the Great. The sculptor G. Jokūbonis and architect V. Čekanauskas carved the monument of “Vytautas the Great” from light pink granite. The sculptor implemented the ideas of many Birštonas people - to "return" Vytautas with a horse to his hunting grounds. The sculptor G. Jokūbonis forged Vytautas as an adult with a horse, thus depicting Vytautas as a warlike and determined man. Granite for the sculpture was brought from the lands of Vytautas-era Lithuania - Ukraine. The monument weighed about thirty tons.

Skulptūra Vytautui Didžiajam, BirštoneSculpture by Vytautas the Great in Birštonas
     Vytautas Hill in Birštonas.  When you arrive in Birštonas, be sure to climb Vytautas Hill. After climbing the stairs, you will have a 40 m high slope to breathe in a well-tended site. It offers a magnificent panorama of Birštonas town and the Nemunas bend. The view is beautiful at all times of the year, so climbing Vytautas Hill became a Birštonas guest ritual. It is also a favorite spot for both amateur and artists throughout the resort.

Vytauto kalnas Birštone.The trail to Vytautas Hill in Birštonas.
    Kneipp Garden. In the very center of Birstonas resort (right next to the Kurhaus) is the Kneip Garden. Kneipp - 19th Century He lived in a German clergyman who created a unique philosophy of wellness. According to her, water cures everything, and much better than cure is prevention. This idea is being followed throughout Birštonas! So not only will you harden your body in Kneipp Garden, but you will also strengthen your immune system.

Kneipo sodas BirštoneKneipp Garden in Birštonas

How to perform the Kneipp procedure: walk barefoot on various surfaces for 5-30 minutes. It is recommended to start with the green area and go counterclockwise and at the end walk on the surface of pine cones. The procedure is recommended in the morning and in the evening.

   Monument to Jonas Basanavičius.  The sculptures in Birštonas are of various periods. The oldest is the bust of Jonas Basanavičius, built in 1939. The monument construction work was funded by the resort fee. The bust remained unbroken during the Soviet era.

Paminklas Jonui Basanavičiui.Monument to Jonas Basanavičius.
     Branch of Birštonas pine in summer stage. The pine on the Summer Stage, on the outskirts of Birštonas Central Park, on the bank of the Nemunas River, has been extensively spreading - this is the oldest pine tree in Birštonas Central Park. It is likely that most of the other older pines in the park have germinated from its seeds, which is why the Birchtonians sometimes call it the mother of pines.

Šakotoji Birštono pušis vasaros estradojeBranch of Birštonas pine in summer stage 

    Right next to the mother of all the pines is a sculpture by M. Gaub - it seems that the "pop art", understood by all, illustrates the deep distress of society. The huge yellow copy of the author's head is called "Container," which is actually a huge three-dimensional selfie. Why Container? For man is an empty cavity that is filled with a flow of information. Mostly these are worthless things, garbage. The culture of selfies and narcissism in society is now becoming a problem. Currently, the yellow head of M.Gaubas, who is standing in Birštonas, participated in the art fair Art Vilnius. And in Prague, he competed in a competition that featured this year's high school graduation theses. Ranked in the top ten

M.Gaubo skulptūra BirštoneM.Gaub's sculpture in Birštonas
St. Antanas Paduvietis Church in Birštonas. It is believed that the church in 1529. already existed because Birštonas is called a city. 1609 the elder is obligated to rebuild the dilapidated church of Birštonas, to which 2 valas of land were donated.

Šv. Antano Paduviečio bažnyčia BirštoneSt. Antanas Paduvietis Church in Birštonas
  Birstonas Viewing Tower. Birštonas observation tower is the highest observation tower in Lithuania. Visitors to Birštonas Tower will have to climb 300 steps to a height of 45 meters. And including the Škėvonys Gorge, those who climb the tower will be 92 meters above sea level.
  The observation tower, already standing in the Nemunas Loops Regional Park, has become the most anticipated new tourist attraction in the country since its introduction. Initially, the tower will be accessible from 7am to 10pm. Later, it will be open 24 hours a day and free of charge.

Birštono apžvalgos bokštas.Birstonas Viewing Tower.
   The Nemunas River is not only the largest and most watery river in Lithuania, but it is also mostly sung with songs, covered with legends and described by ancient chroniclers. According to the researchers, the Nemunas loops are a unique phenomenon not only in Lithuania, but also in all areas of glacial terrain distribution. Finding the shortest route to the Baltic Sea, Nemunas did a great job of a sculptor. If you want to see the natural beauty created by the Nemunas, you have to take off by balloon, airplane, paraglider or just become a bird. Only when you are in the sky do you realize what a beautiful land you live in, what a fascinating landscape opens before our very eyes. The landscape was created by nature together with the man living there.

Vaizdas atsiveriantis iš Birštono apžvalgos bokštoView from Birštonas observation tower
Vaizdas atsiveriantis iš Birštono apžvalgos bokštoView from Birštonas observation tower

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