What to see in London.

Not sure what to see in London. We recommend you to visit some of London's most visited destinations.

  Not sure what to see in London. We recommend you to visit some of London's most visited destinations.

  Before you travel to London, you always have the same question - which ones are the most London attractions and what should be seen. We have made a list of London's best known and most visited tourist destinations. Whether you're flying to London for the first time or you've been to London, we recommend the most popular tourist destinations. Seeing London at least once in your life is a must. Because of the enormous size of the city, you can discover new things every time you visit.

Londonas. Lankytinos vietosLondon attractions.         London is a city colorful in every sense: it is believed that people living there speak more than 300 different languages. Even individual areas of London are very different - sometimes it seems like different cities. London has about 160 museums, 100 theaters, 80 parks, 4 international airports and 8 train stations.

  1. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in England The Great Ben Parliament House Clock Tower is one of London's most popular tourist destinations. The tower was built in 1858. and has since been the largest watch of its kind in the world. The official name of the watch is the Great Westminster watch, but eventually it is called Big Ben and nobody knows why. There are several theories of the origin of the Big Ben name. The former comes from the name of Sir Benjamin Hall, a prominent and respected MP. The second theory states that the name of Big Ben's watch has links to the name of the famous and promising English boxer Benjamin Caunt, who has been known as Big Ben.

Didysis Benas (Big Ben) ir Anglijos Parlamento rūmaiBig Ben and the English Parliament   2. Tauer Bridge or Tower Bridge

  Once upon a time when large ships were traveling on the Thames, the elegant Tauer Bridge was lifted and lowered 5 times a day. 19th century Built at the end of the 18th century, the bridge with two towers with bridge lift mechanisms is a symbol of Victorian London and a marvel of engineering at that time. The massive bridge frame needed more than 11,000 tons of iron. This frame was later covered with Cornish granite and Portland stones. The northern bridge tower can still be seen in the hydraulic drives that swung the lift mechanism in 1976, when obsolete equipment was replaced by an electrical system. Tourists are allowed in South Tauer. Here you can see an exhibition and drawings telling the story of London bridges.

Tauerio tiltas arba dar vadinamas Bokštų tiltas (Tower Bridge)Tower Bridge, also known as Tower Bridge   3. The London Eye.
The Eye of London is a viewing circle in the capital of the United Kingdom. This tour offers a glimpse of much of London.
If you want to experience something extraordinary, don't miss the bird's eye view of London. The London Eye is the largest viewing circle in the world. You will see 55 landmarks in London within 30 minutes. The London Eye turns 30 minutes. A standard ticket costs £ 30.

  4. Tower of London

Tower of London Tower 11 In the time of William the Conqueror. For many years, the fortress served not only for defensive purposes but also as a prison and a place of torture. Tauer was not just a prison. The kingdom's main mint has been operating here for over 500 years. Its boom was during the reign of Henry VII, when silver was minted from metal deprived of closed monasteries. Tauer Castle was also one of the royal residences and treasure trove. Today it houses a museum that holds royal jewels and regalia. Tauer Castle is guarded not only by guards, also known as beefeaters, but also by 7 krankers. It is believed that the kingdom will fail when these squabbles leave the fortress.
A standard ticket costs about £ 25

  5. Buckingham Palace
Another permanent attraction is the residence of the royal family, better known as the Queen's Palace in London. Buckingham Palace is centrally located and within easy walking distance of Big Ben or other downtown attractions. If you decide to visit the palace from within, be aware that tourists are usually admitted to the palace only a couple of months a year (July - September). You can also watch the royal guard change ceremony at the palace, which usually begins at 11am.

Bekingemo Rūmai (Buckingham Palace)Buckingham Palace   

   6. Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey or Westminster Abbey is a Gothic cathedral-sized church in Westminster, west of Westminster Palace. It is a traditional coronation and burial ground for the kings of England. There are many famous people buried here, and there is a poet corner.

  7. Tower of London
Tower of London is a historic fortress in the eastern part of London's Old Town, on the left bank of the Thames. Currently a museum. In English history, Tauer is particularly important. It houses the royal family's jewels, a rich collection of armaments of various times, and the interior of the medieval kings rooms.

  8. Science Museum
It is a diamond in the crown of London's museums, located right next to the Natural History Museum. The museum aims to introduce you to the history and evolution of science, but to do so in an interesting way. The seven floors of the museum showcase a variety of scientific disciplines from medicine to space exploration. The museum is unique in that it has a wealth of interactive activities, some exhibits can be touched, and there are various simulators. Not surprisingly, the Science Museum in London is very popular with children.

 Mokslo muziejus (Science Museum) Science Museum

  9. The British Museum
British Museum - Museum in London about the history of mankind and London culture. With over 8 million objects, the museum has one of the largest and most comprehensive collections in the world, embracing the culture of humanity from its inception to the present.

Britų muziejus (The British Museum)The British Museum

  10. Camden Town District

  If you are interested in informal movements, delicious street food and more exciting music clubs, then you should take the straight to Camden Town. In its time, this place was a hub for punk gatherings, and today it is possible to see the shredded ones in fellowship with goths, metalists, and other youngsters, from whom the older generation can be heartbroken. The main movement takes place on Central Camden Street, with its bars, trivia and original clothing stores, and street food stalls. If you're looking for a more interesting music club, go sideways.

Camden TownCamden Town     Tips for traveling to London.

  Nightly Rates in London are very different, so here everyone will find something that suits their travel budget. If you want to spend as little as possible, this is a common type of B&B accommodation and apartment and studio rentals in London. You can save even more by choosing a youth hostel or looking for a short-term room in an apartment where locals already live. You can check the prices by clicking on the link: https://www.booking.com/searchresults.en.html?city=-2601889&aid=1858060&no_rooms=1&group_adults=2&room1=A%2CA

  Being in London be sure to visit football stadium when the match is on. If you are not keen on football, buy tickets to any match, no matter who plays. Ticket price from £ 25.

Londonas futbolasLondon. Football stadium

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