We travel to Poland, where the world's tallest wooden roller coaster is built

So we load our suitcases, hear our horse and drive to Poland. We travel to Poland, where the world's tallest wooden roller coaster is built.

Photo by Energylandia / Energylandia wooden roller coaster

  As the portal announces https://energylandia.pl/ these are the world's tallest wooden roller coasters. For starters, the roller coaster is 63.8 m high, 90 degree slope when falling, 3 inversions, wagon speed max. 121km / h., travel time 1 minute and 50 seconds. The numbers are really impressive. Tickets can be ordered from the above Polish portal. Partal is multilingual, and English or Russian is available. You can use the attraction if your height is more than 140 cm and not more than 195 cm, sympathy for Valančiūnas :). The roller coaster address is ENERGYLANDIA, al. 3 House 2, 32-640 Zator, woj. Malopolskie. The amusement park is about 700 km from the Lithuanian border and it will take about 8-9 hours.

Ticket price to ENERGYLANDIA an adult costs 129 zlotys, which would be about 30 euros. Purchasing a ticket will allow you to stay in it all day long. There are as many as 57 attractions in the amusement park, so the smallest ones will find activities as well. 

  The dragon-themed attraction took 11 months to build and the timber was shipped from the state of Georgia, USA. There you will find extremely durable yellow pine, which is extremely resistant to environmental impact. A total of 737 tons of wood was used for construction. Although the structure resembles an ancient structure, the developers assure you that the attractions are built with the most advanced technology and are safe. These roller coasters are a hybrid model - the structure itself is wooden, but the rails are metal, as are many other safety features.

ZadraPhoto by Energylandia / Energylandia wooden roller coaster


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