A trip to Hainan

A trip to Hainan Island.

A trip to Hainan. Hainan Island.

In ancient China Hainan Island was a wild land and very few people lived there. Government officials who did something bad or disliking the emperor were relocated to this island. Deportation to this island there had to be a punishment, but when the convicts came to Hainan, they realized that living on Hainan was not a punishment, but a blessing. One of the most famous Chinese poets With Dongpohaving been embarrassed by the emperor, he was banished to Hainan. There he wrote many poems which praised the beauty of Hainan Island.

Hainano salaHainan Island
  Coming to one of the most beautiful Chinese cities - Sanya. After a delicious meal at a local restaurant, where the stewed snake was presented.

Gyvatės troškinys. HainanisSnake stew
      We started our journey from the famous and picturesque place - Guanyin of Nanshan Temple. Guanyin of Nanshan the statue is 108 meters high. The statue has three sides, one facing the inland waters and the other two facing the South China Sea to reflect the blessing and protection of China and the world at Guanyin. It is currently the fourteenth tallest statue in the world.

Guanyin of Nanshan šventykla. Hainano salojeGuanyin of Nanshan Temple. On the island of Hainan

   Now Hainan Island is a vacation spot for higher income Chinese. Wealthy Chinese love the island for its lush palms, rolling beaches, ocean waves, fresh fruit and sunshine. This southernmost island of China is often reminiscent of the tropical Philippines, but advanced Chinese cities in the center of the island provide all the amenities. Here you'll find everything from exquisite luxury to everyday local simplicity, sky-high skyscrapers and waterfront wooden huts. Hainan Island is a paradise on earth. Hainan is also famous for its cuisine. Not only will fresh snake stew be offered here, but freshly cooked turtle soups will also be offered.

Hainano salos restoranaiHainan Island Restaurant
  Hotels in Hainan Island. On Hainan Island the hotel can also be found at a decent price. Check hotel prices on Hainan Island here :

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