A trip to Japan. Sakura Flowering Celebration in Japan

In Japan, the sakura flowering festival is called Hanami. Translated from Japanese, this means observing flowers. In Japan, when the sakura blooms, everyone seems to be going crazy: after work, and especially on weekends, everyone rushes to the parks to enjoy the blossoms, sits under trees on their rugs with family, friends or coworkers, meets long-time peers, relatives or buddies , chatting, meditating or just admiring the rings. After all, this enchanting sakura bloom for the Japanese symbolizes not only the rebirth of nature after winter, but also human life and its fragility; it reminds us to be here and now, to cherish and celebrate every moment of our lives.
Blossoming sakura blossoms persist for only one to two weeks. Therefore, the flowering of sakura, viewed from above in Japan, resembles a blossom journey - from the warmer southern part of the country to the northern one. Hanami is celebrated not only during the day but also at night. However, now that old traditions are slowly disappearing, it is often not enough to admire the rings, but simply to eat and drink. Such festival-goers are ironically referred to by the Japanese themselves as "hana yori dango" - "first cutlets and rings will not go anywhere". According to Japanese tradition, the school and fiscal year begins in April, often coinciding with Hanami. Sakuras are planted everywhere - at government offices, businesses, schools, universities.
 Each year, the Japanese Hydrometeorological Service publishes forecasts of the sakura flowering season, which the Japanese closely follow and plan for Hanami. Hanami is a celebration of observing the sakura blossoms. This is one of the most anticipated events of the year. This festival has existed in Japan for hundreds of years. Sakura blooms in Japan begin in mid-January and continue until mid-May and cover the entire country, from Okinawa in the south to Hokkaido in the north.
In ancient times, sakura blooms were the decisive factor for future harvests and the time to plant rice. Traditionally, sakura blooms require a taste of sakura. Hanami was celebrated throughout the country, both in the Imperial Palace and in the home of ordinary Japanese. Poets wrote poems about the beauty of sakura rings as a metaphor for the fragility of human life.
Thousands of sakura parks can be counted throughout Japan. Each is unique, original, with its own history and spirit. Parks differ in their landscapes, growing sakura species, compositions, and so on. Therefore, each time you visit different sakura parks, you will experience new experiences and a unique atmosphere. Websites have been created to introduce the most famous sakura parks in Japan. The five most famous sakura parks in Japan are: Hirosaki Park, Yoshinoyama, Arashiyama, Himeji Castle, Chidorigafuchi.
Himeji Castle (Hyogo Prefecture, Himeji City) is the largest, most visited and spectacular castle in Japan. About 1000 sakura grow in this castle and in the surrounding area. Himeji Castle looks very impressive against the backdrop of flowering sakura.
A special moment comes when the flowered sakura petals begin to fall. They are so abundant that the earth becomes snow-covered, and this "snow" falls upon your hair and clothes, and you feel as if blessed from above. As the blossom and fall of the sakura blossoms, people remember their dear ones, forgive their enemies and reconcile, and many lovers confess to each other in love, pledge or marry.
There is probably no more enchanting sight than to find yourself under the sakura trees covered in white-pink petal clouds, slowly falling to the ground like a rainstorm of dreams, and watching the flowering twigs sway in the wind. So let's learn how to enjoy the beautiful blooms of these cherries the way the Japanese know how to enjoy.

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