A trip to Ladakh. Tibet and the Himalayas.

A trip to Ladakh. Tibet and the Himalayas. Ladakh is the Himalayan and Tibetan plateau of outstanding beauty. A trip to the Himalayas. A trip to Tibet.

    A trip to Ladakh. Tibet and the Himalayas.

    Ladakh unique beauty of the Himalayan and Tibetan plateau highlands. The little one Tibet, High Crossing Country, Moon Land - All these epithets apply to Ladakh, the historical one For the Tibetan region, currently owned by the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

HimalajaiHimalayas. The confluence of two rivers

  Ladakh - the historical region of cultural Tibet, currently divided between two states: the western region of the region is situated in the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir and the eastern part is Aksai Chin in China. So called historical the Tibetan kingdom in the Himalayas. The capital and main city of Ladakh kingdom is Le. Ladakoe is home to only about 270,000. population. It is one of the most sparsely populated regions in India. Ladakh is widely known for its mountain beauty and distinctive culture and is often referred to as "Little Tibet". Most Ladakhs are descendants of Tibetans. The predominant religion is Tibetan Buddhism, but a significant number of the population is also Shiite Muslim. Lately, Ladakh has become a puppet tourist destination.

Skrydis per Himalajus į LadakąFlight over the Himalayas to Ladakh

  The untouched beauty of Ladakh with its mountainous snow peaks and clear blue sky has attracted the fearless traveler ever since the region was opened to tourists in the 1970s. Ladakh has since become a favorite destination for trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts. The rugged terrain and majestic mountains make this an exotic cocktail for adventure and sports enthusiasts. However, before you decide to fly into the land of Buddhist monasteries, it is imperative that you take at least a week to enjoy your trip to Ladakh. Because upland acclimatization is required. It takes at least a few days in Ladakh to acclimatize.

  Leh is the nearest airport connecting Delhi, Chandigarh and Srinagar. The nearest railway station to Ladakh is Jammu. From Jammu, you can take the road to Srinagar and then to Ladakh, which is 434 kilometers away. It is about a two day trip from Srinagar with a night stop at Kargil.

Lehas. Moteris suka maldos ratąLeh. The woman spins the prayer wheel

 From Lithuania it is most convenient to fly through Istanbul to transfer to Delhi by plane. And to fly from Delhi with local airlines to Leh. In order not to frighten you, I will not describe the condition of local airlines. Upon arrival in Leh, two white mosques are located in the center of the former capital of Ladakh. The streets around them pulse with a silent whisper of Buddhist prayer, Buddhist prayer flags fluttered by the wind, and mingle with the incense smell of air. Right next to the Sunday service, the Christian church is inviting everyone to know and find their place there. Ladakh is probably the only place on earth where there is no antithesis of religions. People of all religions live here amicably.

LehasLeh  As you travel around Ladakh, you will realize that human adaptability is limitless. The locals don't really complain about their lives, although it is very difficult for us to survive there. At first glance, dignified and perhaps as harsh as the nature around them, inside people are warm, welcoming and very easy to communicate with. If you have to spend the night with the locals you will be amazed by their food, although they have little food but will share everything.

Ladako kavinukėLadakh coffee shopSkalbykla LadakeLaundry service in Ladakh Mokykla LadakeSchool in Ladakh  Jei atskridę į Ladaką, tikitės apsistoti penkių žvaigždučių viešbutyje su viskas įskaičiuota, tai labai nusivilsite. Tokių paslaugų Ladake nėra. Aukštikalnėse tikriausiai gyvensite palapinėse. Bet nėra taip blogai, kai gali atrodyti išgirdus žodį „palapinėse“.

Nakvynė HimalajuoseOvernight in the Himalayas   In the morning you will have breakfast in a luxurious Tibetan restaurant. Lunch will cost you around € 5. Although the cafes look rather poor, the cleanliness is ideal. According to their religion, energy can only flow in cleanliness.

Restoranas Himalajų kalnuoseRestaurant in the Himalayan MountainsMaistas Himalajų kalnuoseFood in the Himalayan Mountains   Ladake's lack of resources has meant that nothing can be thrown away. What cannot be eaten can be fed to animals and what cannot be used as fuel can be fertilized. The inhabitants of Ladakh stole their clothes until they could no longer be ordered. After all, the worn collar is mixed with mud and used as a dam in the irrigation channels of the fields. In the past, or even now, human droppings were used as fertilizers. The stools were mixed with ash to remove acid and remove odors.
Ladak is burned to death in stone crematoria, and the ashes are later scattered across the mountains. And in the Himalayan highlands, the dead are transported to the Griffith Valley, where they become lunch for the vulture.

Krematoriumas LadakeCrematorium in Ladakh   Before rising to the Changla crossing, it is about 5200 meters above sea level, ask your drivers if they have oxygen masks. Because for many, depleted oxygen starts with mountain sickness. When you reach the peak of the Changlu Pass, you will be greeted by a symbolic stupa and prayer flags. It is one of the highest crossings in the world that can be overcome by vehicles. Once you have reached it, you will feel the most spectacular peak of all your travels. True, tour guide tourists from the lowlands are advised not to stay longer than 20 minutes, but if you are traveling with a local guide who takes you in his jeep and has an oxygen mask, you may be as much as your heart desires.

aukščiausių pasaulio perėja. Čangla perėjaCrossing the highest mountains in the world. Changla crossing

Here are some tips for travelers to Ladakh

  Ladakh people are famous for their hospitality, so when you travel around Ladakh, be sure to taste the traditional dumpling momo and make sure to drink butter tea, which is called "Gur gur" here. The ingredients are simple - tea leaves, water and butter, but it is unlike any other tea. The best time to travel to Ladakh is between June and September.

Sviestinė arbata Gur gurButter tea gur gur cooking Ladakh hotels. Check out how much the ladak stay costs here:   https://www.booking.com/searchresults.en.html?city=-2102590&aid=1858060&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1

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