A trip to Morocco. What to visit in Morocco

A trip to Morocco. What to visit in Morocco? If you have already decided to travel to Morocco, here are some tips for visiting this kingdom of contrasts.

A trip to Morocco. What to visit in Morocco? If you have already decided to travel to Morocco, here are some tips for visiting this kingdom of contrasts. In Morocco you will find everything - sea, deserts, mountains, beautiful old towns, beautiful parks. So we load our suitcases and travel.

Sacharos dykuma. Kelionė kupranugariaisSahara Desert. A camel trip

  Visiting Morocco was my old dream. I have always wanted to ride a camel across the Sahara Desert, see the sunrise in the Sahara Desert, explore labyrinth-like wooden quarters and drink tea with the Berbers. One early morning, standing with a young Berber, I looked at the wilderness dunes of the Sahara and realized that my dream had come true. The Berbers are a group of indigenous peoples of North Africa who roam the wilderness and live in tents or temporary lodges.

Berberų palapinė, Sacharos dykumojeBerber tent, in the Sahara desert
  For starters a few tips for traveling to Morocco. First and foremost, the most important advice to avoid getting hot during your trip is to never drink water from the tap. Unless there is an unforeseen circumstance and you are in danger of dying of thirst, you should boil it before drinking. We traveled with a group of friends and nearly a third of the group who ate the fruit washed out of the tap running water got very sick. Be sure to include diarrhea, poisoning, and the like in your luggage. Eat only cooked food, don't be tempted by snacks or sweets offered by street vendors. In Morocco, hygiene is overlooked.

Mėsos turgus MarokeMeat market in MoroccoMėsos turgus MarokeMeat market in Morocco  At the hotel, brush your teeth only with drinking water from the bottle you buy at the store.

Second advice for travelers to Morocco, watch out for pickpockets, even innocent looking kids can unload your pockets, for one of our group, the kid comes up to hold his hand to keep his watch from falling into the creeping stream.

MarokasMorocco, child helpers   Third advice for travelers to Morocco. If you decide to take a photo with the locals, they will almost always ask for a reward. So if you don't want to pay a few euros for a photo shoot, avoid taking pictures of the locals.

MarokietisMoroccan   fourth advice for travelers to Morocco. Appropriate clothing. In general, guys can dress the way they like, but women need to dress more conservatively. While many tourists in Morocco are preparing as in Europe, I suggest that women dress more conservatively to avoid unwanted attention. When visiting mosques, women must cover their feet and shoulders, and I recommend that you always carry a scarf with you.

  And the last one advice for travelers to Morocco - aalcohol and drugs. Although most Moroccans are Muslims, they can still offer you drugs. I recommend not even turning back to the dealer and passing through it as if it were not. If you at least ask for a price or some drugs, chances are he won't leave you for long and go after your product. Alcohol is sold freely, most of the shops are located on the outskirts of the city.

   Almost all Moroccans are friendly and honest, and violent crime is extremely rare. But in big cities, it's wise to be wary of pickpockets and petty theft. If you come to Morocco for a night out, I'd suggest doing it with a group of friends.

So if I didn't really scare you with my advice and you decided to travel to Morocco, a few tips on what is necessary visit Morocco.

  As I said in the introduction, my dream was Sahara Desert. So I'll start with her. The Sahara Desert is located in North Africa. It is the largest desert on Earth. The Sahara has an area of about 9 million. Its area is 130 times bigger than Lithuania, it is almost the same size as the whole of Europe.

Sacharos dykuma, saulėtekisSahara Desert, sunrise   To see the sunrise in the Sahara, you will have to either stay in the Sahara with the Berbers or stay in hotels near the Sahara Desert. We chose the second option. It had to get up at night and travel with jeeps to the desert. DIn the yuma we were greeted by the Berbers and set off on a camel trip. Separated from my friends, I climbed up to the highest company and waited for the sunrise as it was very dark, only to notice that a young Berber was sitting next to me. Once I could see the silhouettes, I decided to climb another hill, but my new friend, holding me by the hand, explained something to me in Berber and didn't let me go anywhere. Initially, I hiked and tried to climb the hill, but Berber was very active and prevented me from doing so. It was only a little later that I learned that maybe he saved my life. Since we were close to the Algerian border and Morocco's relationship with Algeria has been strained for some time, the whole frontier is now mined. By the way, at the end of my trip, my new friend offered to buy me souvenirs. I had to buy a stone soap for 15 euros.

It is a must in Morocco to visit Marrakech. Marrakech is the capital of southern Morocco, located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. Because of the color of its buildings, Marrakech is also known as the pink or red city. Marrakech now has more than one million inhabitants and most of them have Berber roots. Visiting Marrakech is also worth a dip in the Medina bustle. The old fortified city center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The narrow and mysterious streets of the Marrakech Medina confuse many travelers. I especially recommend being very careful in the Old Town of Marrakech and staying with your group when traveling with a group. There is a huge bazaar in the northern part of Marrakech. It is often said that this bazaar is a real maze where it's easy to get lost.

Marakešo turgusMarrakesh Market   Who loves mountains is a must to see the Atlas Mountains, beyond the Atlas Mountains begins the Sahara Desert. But for me, the Atlas Mountains look pretty ugly, and I won't write much about them, although they are highly praised in all the tourist brochures.

  Necessary visit Morocco and Essaouira. This is the 15th century. The Portuguese-founded city-fortress rinses the Atlantic Ocean, also known as Magador. Essaouira it is a city that will not leave indifferent. Today it is a favorite youth resort that attracts surfing and windsurfing lovers. Early in the morning it is worth a visit to the fish market, where fishermen just sell their freshly caught fish on the street pavement.

Essaouiro žuvų turgus. Žuvų turgus MarokeEssaouir Fish Market.  If you are a fish lover, you can go to the nearby café and watch the fish roast right on the grill, and while you wait for the fish to fish, I suggest you have some mint tea. By the way I did not mention that Moroccan traditional dish is Tajik. Tajik, something like a stew, only stews in clay pots and usually on coals. This dish is a must when visiting Morocco. As you drive by car or bus, you will notice that there is smoke in every café in the town, making it Tajik. They cost around 3 euros.

Tadžinas MarokeTajikistan in Morocco   Agadir it is a resort town, with lots of great weather and relaxation for tourists every year, which by the way does not reflect the real Morocco, but Agadire is a great place to relax on the Atlantic Ocean, enjoy the attractions and have a good time.

Rabat. Rabate is the Palace of the Kings, although tourists are not allowed inside, but it is definitely worth a look.

Rabatas. Karaliaus rūmaiRabat. King's palace  Casablanca. Casablancayou are standing there Great Mosque of Hasan II. Under the design of French architect Michel Pins, 1993 August 30 The mosque was built by a French construction company. This mosque is now the second largest in the world after the Charam mosque in Mecca and is one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the world. This mosque can accommodate more than 100,000 people inside and in its backyard. of pilgrims, and the 210-meter-high minaret is considered the tallest in the world. Great Mosque of Hasan IIThis building faces the Atlantic Ocean - the waves of waves of pilgrimage praying.

 Kasablankoje stovi Didžioji Hasano II mečetė Grand Hasan II Mosque stands in Casablanca Kasablankoje stovi Didžioji Hasano II mečetė Grand Hasan II Mosque stands in Casablanca Volubilis is a historic city in Morocco, located near Meknes, between Fes and Rabat. Volubilis is the best-preserved Roman Empire city in North Africa. 1997 is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Volubilis yra Maroko istorinis miestasVolubilis is a historic city in MoroccoHasano bokštasHasan TowerMaroko pilies griuvėsiaiThe ruins of a Moroccan castle resemble a sand castle   What can I bring from Morocco for a welcome party? Brides must be brought to visit Morocco argan oil. Often referred to as "white gold", Argan oil is an organic product derived from Argan tree nuts grown in Morocco. Argan nuts are no longer growing anywhere in the world, although there have been various attempts to grow them in other countries, but everything has ended up in vain. Argan oil is obtained from fruit kernel kernels by traditional manual pressing, mechanical pressing or solvent extraction. But for cosmetics only buy manually extracted oil, and for cooking you can buy mechanically extracted argan oil, it is half cheaper.

Rankiniu būdu išgaunamas Argano aliejusWomen manually extract Argan oil




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