A trip to Tokyo. Tips for traveling to Tokyo.

A trip to Tokyo is an exciting vacation. Tokyo is very different from all of Japan.

A trip to Tokyo is an exciting vacation. Tokyo is very different from all of Japan. If you were just in Tokyo you can't say you were in Japan and vice versa if you were in Japan but you weren't in Tokyo, you can't even steal what Tokyo is. I would say Japan is a big village with many temples and Tokyo is a super city. There are still many payphones in Japan, which have not been in Lithuania for a long time. Not everywhere in Japan you pay with a payment card, so always carry cash.

Tokyo is the largest city in the world with 37 million suburbs. And words are not enough to describe its size. It is a fantastic metropolis, where motorways can be three floors, where roller coasters dive high-speed trains between homes. Where cafes and restaurants are also located on the fifth or tenth floors of buildings. Where cars are parked in special lifts in the parking lots to take up less space. And from the city center to the outskirts of the city it is a good hour to travel by rail. Even if you're a millionaire, you won't buy a car here. To buy a car you need to have confirmation that you will have to park it. Luxury cars are practically invisible on the streets. Japanese tend to choose small compact cars, not only because they count centimeters for parking, but also because Japanese don't like to stand out. Even the outfit is similar, so people dressed up in the Soviet Union, the image that everyone is shopping in one store. Only young people dress exclusively, often dye their hair, but according to one Japanese, when they do, the exclusivity ends. Becomes a gray army of robots.

ką aplankyti Tokijuje

In Tokyo, people work 12-14 hours a day. As long as the superior is employed, no employee will leave. The Japanese have only 7 days off. The average salary in Japan is 2000 euros, in Tokyo 4000euros. There is practically no unemployment in Tokyo, as the Japanese said, you can have both left hands, but if you try hard, no one will leave you. There are practically no blacks in Tokyo, which surprised me a lot, but the reason is quite simple. There are no allowances in Tokyo, but everyone has jobs. There are so many unnecessary posts created that they look ridiculous. For example, each parking lot has several staff members who take care of the tourists so they can find their car and all spider.

aplankyti tokijujeThe caretaker to make everyone stand in line 

Even today, there is a girl on the trains who oversees whether all the passengers board the train and gives the driver a whistle to signal that she can move.

aplankyti tokijujeThe girl with the whistle gives a signal to the driver that all the travelers are climbing up and moving 

Tokyo is full of museums and galleries that take in their uniqueness so take a moment to visit a few of them. Fans of aesthetics and order will also love Tokyo, as urban residents pay special attention to ecology and the image of the city. We promise you a great and active holiday when you choose to travel to Tokyo! Ginza is probably the most spectacular area in Tokyo.
Luxury trade flourishes in Ginza. Sparkling advertisements, giant outdoor screens in Japan are no surprise. After all, they turn every Japanese metropolitan street into a fantastically bright evening. So "elite shops" are looking for new inventive ways to stand out. Here in the clothing center from floor 1 to floor 6, each showcase revolves around its axis with mannequins dressed in matching clothes. At Giza, you will find goods and savers. Luxury goods stores have discounted prices and discounted prices are definitely lower than in Lithuania, although this is the Ginza district. Although Tokyo is known as the most expensive city in the world and Japan as a very expensive country. But the truth is that eating, overnighting, shopping or having fun in Japan is cheap. Because in Japan prices are very volatile. In one fifth of restaurants and shops - as in Lithuania! In a skyscraper restaurant overlooking the Gulf of Tokyo, we had two full meals for € 23. Food in Tokyo: Country Cuisine is well known worldwide. The city is full of small, cozy restaurants. Especially popular are the Sukiya restaurants, which have a wide variety of menus and most importantly they are open 24 hours! Tokyo has conveyor belt sushi restaurants, also known as sushi bars, where you just have to sit down to a long bar and choose from different plates and garnishes in front of them. After the meal, the restaurant staff will calculate the amount you need to pay according to the number of plates. The three most important Japanese cuisine products are rice, fish and vegetables. If you are a sushi fan or want to know more about the traditional cuisine of this culture. Then, when you arrive in Tokyo, be sure to sample some of the world-renowned sushi made here. Their choice here is so great just be able to choose… You've certainly heard of the Japanese tea-drinking ceremony. While attending Tokyo, attend this ceremony and sip some traditional Japanese tea. Also, drink the most popular alcoholic beverage - sake. I am very surprised that in cool weather the Japanese drink sake warm. The Japanese drink about 20 percent of the sake, only tourists drink the stronger sake. The Japanese do not have the enzyme that breaks down alkochol, so very often they drink quickly. Watching the Japanese drink, mix everything, beer, sake, wine led me to a business plan to start a "Drinking Academy" 🙂

suši restoranas tokijujeA sushi restaurant in Tokyo A hotel in Tokyo will cost about 100 euros for two people. For savings, you can choose from capsule hotels where guests sleep in the closet shelves. Capsule hotels are designed for super-hard-working Japanese people who do not board the last train home for an overnight stay before commuting again. For something more diverse, you can choose a hotel serviced by robots. When setting up the hotel, its owners tried to collect as many and varied specimens as possible. They were so confident in robotics that they abandoned phones in the rooms that Churi, a personal assistant, would be able to perform all their functions. But this still failed: for example, the snoring of a sleeping guest was often regarded by Churi as a question asked, prompting the guest to ask what he was asking. Finally, a receptionist had to be hired to take care of the guests. The hotel has 140 rooms and now employs 7 people. In my opinion, those robots are cruel, but still fun 🙂

You can book your hotel here https://join.booking.com/a/1348364

A copy of the French Statue of Liberty stands in Tokyo, 1998. the original version of the statue, which stood here to commemorate the French year in Japan, but the Japanese liked the statue so much that in 2000 a copy of it was built.

Laisvės statula TokijujeStatue of Liberty in Tokyo 

And some tips for going to Tokyo.

If you travel to Japan without a travel agency and want to be in one city instead of traveling all over Japan, buy a jrailpass, which costs € 245 a week, which will allow you to travel by high-speed trains across Japan (up to 250 km / h) . Just remember that even in Tokyo, there are several companies at the time, so make sure the subway line is owned by a company. You can also purchase Jrailpass online https://www.jrailpass.com/

Do not leave any tips. They offend the Japanese and are unacceptable in taxis, restaurants or anywhere else.

Individualism is not typical of Japan. Whereas Western culture is based on individualism, the Japanese community is group. Therefore, do not try to pay attention to yourself while staying in Japan. In my opinion, Japan is therefore lagging behind the Western or Asian tigers.

Be sure to visit the ONSENO baths. Onsen - Hot Springs, which is a very popular weekend getaway destination. And remember that you can climb into the pools after a good bath.

In Japan, it is uncomfortable to enter the house with shoes, so it is imperative to take off your shoes and only socks at the entrance.

Do not hug Japanese, although it is becoming very popular in Lithuania, it is not acceptable in Japan.

Although you will find virtually no bin in Japan, it is unacceptable to throw garbage, bring everything to the hotel and dispose of it.

Smoking in public places is prohibited in Japan and special places are provided. Penalty for smoking in a public place. Extreme fines will come if you smoke at a station or airport. Although smoking is possible in almost all cafes (inside).

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