A trip to Venice. Burano and Murano Islands

When you get tired of the hustle and bustle of people in Venice, I suggest you visit the islands of Burano and Murano

  When you get tired of the hustle and bustle of people in Venice, I suggest visit Buran and Murano Islands. Let's start with Murano Island. Just a 20-minute drive to the gondola or those seeking public transport to reach the water Murano Island, also known as the Glass House. Murano is famous for its glass products in the world. The first artisans moved here from Ottoman occupied Constantinople. Initially, the glassblocks moved to Venice itself, but due to frequent fires, they were "banished" to the island of Murano. As the entire glazing community lived there, they shared their experiences and got a way to get crystal clear and different bright colors from plain glass. In the 16th century Murano glassblocks became famous throughout the world. Because the glassballs lived on the island, they were forbidden by the Venetian authorities to leave the island so that the secrets of the glassballs did not spread around the world and Venice could maintain its monopoly. Those attempting to flee Murano Island were executed. 

Murano sala. StiklapūtysMurano Island. Glassblowers

  If you come to Murano Island with a group or take a boat trip to Murano Island in Venice, Murano's Glass Blowers will hold the entire show. How to make a vase or glass horse in minutes. You will then be offered a visit to a glassware and souvenir shop nearby.

Murano sala. Stiklapūtys ir jo gaminiaiMurano Island. Glassblocks and articles thereof  After exploring Murano Island and sailing further, towards Buran Island. While still on the boat you will notice the sloping tower of the bell tower of Buran Island. Buran's bell tower is tilted by 1.8 meters. The architect, who designed the bell tower, did not calculate that the land on the island is very swampy and the groundwater is very sacrificed. So hurry up to visit Buran Island before the bell tower is over.

Burano salos varpinėBelfry of Buran Island  Once you get off the boat, you will feel the real bliss of escaping the bustle of Venice. There are not many tourists here so locals and merchants are not tired of tourists and will greet you with a smile everywhere. And the prices here are much lower compared to Venice. Located in the Gulf of Venice Buran Island famous for its brightly colored fishermen's cottages. 

Burano salaBuran Island  Buran Islands the houses are so bright that returning after a long swim, fishermen can see them from afar, this is the official version. The unofficial version is to make it easier for fishermen to come back from the bar to find their home and not get lost in the neighborhood. What version to believe, choose yourself, I believe in the unofficial version.

Burano salaBuran Island   Nowadays, the bright colors of the cottages have become integral to the image of Buran Island and their owners must obtain permission to repaint them, but usually the color is chosen by the city council. Currently, only about 3000 inhabitants live on the island.

Burano sala ir pasviręs Burano varpinės bokštasBuran Island and inclined Buran Bell Tower   The island of Burano is about 10 kilometers from Venice, but as I mentioned from Venice to Burano there is a public transport called Vaporetto.

  Buran Island is still famous for its lace, which can be bought in small shops. There is also a lace museum on the island.

  What to visit on Buran Island. Because the island is very small, I recommend simply strolling down the narrow streets and admiring the magnificent colorful huts. Then sit down at one of the canal or bay cafes and enjoy your holiday with Burano branded coffee.


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