Journey to the Dead Sea. Traveling and resting on the Dead Sea

Journey to the Dead Sea. Traveling and resting on the Dead Sea.

  Dead Sea is between the State of Israel, Palestine and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is famous for being very salty. Although called a sea, morphologically it is a lake because it has no direct connection with the World Ocean. The sea is disappearing and will eventually disappear, so hurry to see this wonder of the world, lest you regret it later. Over the last decades, the Dead Sea has covered tens of meters and has been divided into two bodies of water connected by a canal, which will eventually disappear. The Dead Sea was named by the Romans, before it was called "Salt", "Eastern", "Asphalt". The Dead Sea is 420m below the Global Ocean Level. The water in the recess is not filled because the water evaporates much more than it fills from the Jordan River. According to the Bible, Jesus was baptized on the Jordan River and later baptized on the Jordan River to all who would.

Negyvoji jūraDead Sea in Israel  Dead Sea is undoubtedly one of the most unique and spectacular places on our planet. Whether you choose to rest on the Dead Sea in Israel, Palestine or Jordan, it will be a lifelong experience. I would recommend Palestine, which I think is safer than Jordan. You do not need a visa in Palestine and Israel (a Jordanian visa with Jordanpass costs around 100 euros) and you can easily reach Palestine by renting a car from Israel. By the way, at the Dead Sea, almost all beaches are paid for, costing 10-15 euros a day. Of course, you can swim for free on the beach, not on the beaches. But there will be no shower cubicles, but they are really needed, because salt water gets very nice even on the slightest scratch, so if you decide to bathe off the beach, be sure to take some water, as do the local Palestinians. You can also enjoy a free spa and mud bath in the Dead Sea in Palestine. Dead Sea mud rejuvenates the skin, heals joints and muscle aches.

Negyvoji jūra PalestinojeDead Sea in Palestine

  Dead Sea water beneficial to health. It is one of the first resorts in the world where the world's powerful have been on health trips since ancient times. Even Queen Cleopatra of Egypt was visiting here. Magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and bromides in Dead Sea water, rejuvenates the human skin, improves the nervous system, activates blood circulation, strengthens bones and nails, relaxes muscles, but at the same time gives the body energy and strength, strengthens immunity.

Negyvoji jūra IzraelyjeDead Sea in Israel   Keliones į Izraelį palanku planuoti bet kokiu metų laiku. Visus metus Negyvosios jūros apylinkėse vyrauja saulėti ir sausi orai. Mes prie Negyvosios jūros lankėmės kovo mėnesį. Tuo metu oro temperatūra buvo apie 30 laipsnių, jūros temperatūra apie 25 laipsnius. Pakalbėjus su vietiniais žydais jie labai nustebo, kad mes tokiame šaltame vandenyje maudomės, vietiniai jūroje maudosi kai vandens temperatūra pakyla virš 30 laipsnių. Kai paskėme, kad mes Baltijos jūroje maudomės, kai vandens temperatūra pasieka 16 laipsnių tai jų akys tiesiogine prasme „išsprogo”.
Negyvoji jūra IzraelyjeDead Sea in Israel  Hotels by the Dead Sea ya quite expensive. Then where to live by the Dead Seathat you wouldn't cut your wallet very much. If you have a rental car I would suggest staying in Arad, it is right next to the Dead Sea. We lived in a Ukrainian apartment - The Swallow's Nest, Arad. Definitely recommend, very huge and nice room with separate shower and toilet. If you do not speak English, you will speak Russian well. With a separate entrance, the room has a large terrace where you can sit and share your impressions in the evenings. If you book any hotel, no matter where, I suggest using the link , it will give you and me a discount on the hotel. 

And a few at the end tips for going to the Dead Sea. If you are renting a car, make sure you take a picture or film all the scratches on the car so that you do not have a problem returning the car. Most rental cars work only until 17.00, so if you book a car while in Lithuania, make sure you can arrive at the car rental desk before it closes. If you are flying to Eilat, tai nuo Eilato oro uosto iki Eilato miesto kelionė autobusu užtruks apie valandą laiko. Ir patarimas moterims ir merginos, būtinai nusipirkite kosmetikos priemonių „Premier” pagamintų iš Negyvosios jūros mineralų.

Good rest at the Dead Sea.

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