Getting to Rimini

Getting to Rimini. Description of the trip to Rimini, a memo for the traveler. Tips for traveling to Rimini. Not sure what to see in Rimini, we recommend the attractions

  Rimini it is one of the oldest Italian resorts on the Adriatic coast. The Rimini has attracted locals and holidaymakers for its classy sandy beaches and the Old Town, which has preserved ancient Roman architecture. With its wide sandy beaches and slow-moving sea, this resort is especially appreciated by families with young children.

Riminis prie Adrijos jūrosRimini by the Adriatic Sea   Almost every area of Rimini Beach has its own owner, who not only rents deck chairs and umbrellas in his area, but also provides various sports and children's playgrounds and bars. In addition, locally supervised beaches are constantly on the lookout for lifeguards, good service and impeccable cleanliness can be expected, neat toilets, showers, changing rooms, and lockers are available. If you don't want to pay for the beach, there are small areas about every kilometer where you don't have to pay for the beach, but there will be neither sun loungers nor parasols. The cost of the beach varies widely, as there are many owners, which set prices based on the number of tourists at the time.

 Not sure what to look for in Rimini. We recommend the sights in Rimini.

  Arch of Augustus. Arco d'Augusto.  In the southern part of Corso di Augusto, on the main street of Rimini, is the oldest Roman triumphal arch in Italy. The arch reaches almost 10 meters in height and is 27 meters high. pr. Kr. It was once dedicated to the emperor Caesar and his victories.

Augusto arka. Arco d'AugustoArch of Augustus. Arco d'Augusto

  Temple of Malatesta (Tempio Malatestiano). One of the most famous monuments in Rimini is the temple of Malatestos (Tempio Malatestiano). It is considered a symbol of the city and a true Renaissance masterpiece. The six lateral finishes of the marble chapel are so fine carved that they look like monochromatic paintings.
Address: Via Quattro Novembre 35, Rimini

Malatestos šventykla (Tempio Malatestiano) Temple of Malatesta (Tempio Malatestiano)
   Tiber Bridge. Ponte di Tiberio.  Construction of the Tiber Bridge began on 14th Ave. Kr. under Emperor Augustus and ended in 21 years with the second Roman Emperor Tiberius, whose name is called this bridge. The Tiber Bridge is the pride of the city of Rimini. 

Tiberio tiltas. Ponte di Tiberio.Tiber Bridge. Ponte di Tiberio.Tiberio tiltas. Ponte di Tiberio.Tiber Bridge. Ponte di Tiberio.The Tiber Bridge has been standing for 2000 years and is still driven by cars. A natural question for this bridge is how the Romans managed to create a structure that has been in service for 2000 years. And this is a fact you can see with your own eyes.

Tiberio tiltasThe Tiber Bridge has been in traffic for 2000 years

  There are some interesting legends related to the Tiber Bridge. During World War II, when the German army retreated, the Germans wanted to blow up this bridge. Legend has it that the Tiber Bridge was so strong that it could withstand an explosion. This version is denied. Simply, German officers did not follow Hitler's order and did not blow up the bridge because of its low strategic value.

  Another interesting legend relates to the grooves in the stairs, which are hoof-shaped. The hoofs are of entirely artificial origin and have been left with equipment that was used to unload ships. However, in the Middle Ages, imprints of this unusual shape led to rumors that the devil himself was walking across the bridge and that he had left such traces.

   Rimini Castle by Castel Sismondo.  Rimini The castle was built by the ruler of Rimini, Sigismond Pandolfo Malatesta. The construction of the castle began in 1437. March 20th To this day only the central core of the castle remains. According to modern chronicles, the castle is thought to have been designed by Malatesta, although several other architects are known to have contributed to the project. The construction of the castle took about 15 years.

Rimini pilis Castel Sismondo.Rimini Castle by Castel Sismondo.
  1821 the castle was turned into a barracks for local carabinieri. Five years later, the exterior walls were demolished and the ditch filled. After the recession, the building is now used for cultural exhibitions.

  Rimini Central Square. Square of Three Martyrs. Piazza Tre Martiri

Piazza Tre Martiri is a historic square in the central part of Rimini, rich in scenic architecture dating back to ancient Roman times. At the northern end of the square are luxury shops, restaurants and cafes. In the southern part you can visit many important historical sites including the 16th century. churches include the Tempietto di Sant Antonio, the Torre dell'Orologio clock tower, and the statue of Julius Caesar. The Piazza Tre Martiri is a popular meeting place due to its convenient location and pedestrian-friendly streets. It also hosts markets, festivals and concerts throughout the year, especially in the spring and summer.

Rimini centrinė aikštė. Trijų kankinių aikštė. Piazza Tre MartiriRimini Central Square. Square of Three Martyrs. Piazza Tre Martiri
   Rimini Old Town.

  Go shopping on Corso d'Augusto. There are plenty of famous designer brands and souvenir shops. You can find many luxury and street fashion brands, as well as wonderful shops selling a variety of souvenirs, jewelry and beauty products. The Corso d'Augusto is relatively small, so you can easily explore the entire street on foot or by bike. The center of Rimini also has many cafes and bars with outdoor terraces overlooking many historic sites.

Rimini senamiestisRimini Old Town  What to bring the greetings from Italy?

  What to bring for relatives from Lithuania to Rimini? Great choice - Italian delicacies. Look for stores selling local olive oil, regional wine, handmade sweets. Coffee beans are also great greetings from Italy, each morning reminiscent of a fun holiday.

  What will you taste in Rimini only?

  Rimini is famous for pasta recipes, lasagna, a variety of fresh seafood dishes with mussels, shells and crabs. However, the exclusive dish, unique to the Emilia-Romagna region and not being tasted while staying in Rimini, is a real crime - known locally as piadina. When choosing a piadina coffee shop I would suggest choosing an Italian-owned cafe instead of eastern arrivals. In simple terms, this is a flour pan with various fillings - hard and soft cheeses, fish, vegetables, mushrooms or meat. Stuffings can be selected to taste. And after a hearty Italian dinner, restaurants usually serve their guests with a traditional lemon liqueur or a gelato with Italian ice cream.

  Where to live in Rimini? In Rimini, almost all hotels are administered by Russians or Ukrainians. Although the owners are Italians. The Italians rent hotels to the Russians for a year or more, and the Russians only administer the hotels.

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