What to visit in Copenhagen?

What to visit in Copenhagen? Weekend trip to Copenhagen.

  As low cost airlines fly from Lithuania to Copenhagen, it is a good opportunity to spend a weekend in the Danish capital Copenhagen. Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark. In Copenhagen, about 40 percent are concentrated. of all Danish industry. Developed shipping, electrical engineering, appliance manufacturing, chemical, food industry. There are four universities and three university departments in other cities, the Torvaldsen Museum, the Fine Arts Museums and the Copenhagen Opera House. The main attraction of the city is the monument to HK Andersen Undine (opened on August 23, 1913). Also remaining are Rosenborg Palace, there is a stock exchange, Charlottenborg Palace (all from the 17th century), Christiansborg Parliament House (the 18th century, after the fires of 1800-1820 and 1907-1922), the Amalienborg Palace complex (built) from the 18th century).

   While flights to Copenhagen are quite cheap, living in Copenhagen is quite expensive. Expensive not only hotels but also cafes. At a cafe in the city center we paid € 50 for dinner for two, we ordered two burgers and two cups of coffee. A little further from the center, prices are lower but still high enough compared to Western Europe.

  So you are already in Copenhagen and you do not know what to see in the Danish capital. I would suggest starting with the famous Copenhagen monument, HK Andersen's Mermaid, which was unveiled in 1913.

 paminklas H. K. Anderseno UndinėleiMonument to the Mermaid of HK Andersen  Mermaid Sculpture (The Little Mermaid)
  The mermaid is one of the smallest (1.25 meters high and weighs only 175 kilograms), but also one of the biggest symbols of Copenhagen. The mermaid is considered the pride of Copenhagen. The Mermaid statue is one of the most visited statues in the world. Although in my opinion this is a consequence of good marketing. If I had to vote, I would give my vote for Klaipeda Mermaid.

  New Port (Nyhavn Copenhagen)

  The new port is indeed one of the oldest parts of the Copenhagen port. Formerly the city’s focal point for crime, the New Port is now an entertainment destination with many outdoor cafes, restaurants and bars. Most of the excursions in the port start from this place. Hans Kristian Andersen lived at number 20 in the new port house. If you are in no hurry, I would definitely recommend taking a stroll through this beautiful part of the harbor and enjoying life in the café.

Naujasis Uostas (Nyhavn Copenhagen)New Port in Copenhagen (Nyhavn Copenhagen)

  New Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum

  Located in central Copenhagen Glyptoteka Museum of New Carlsberg exhibits ancient and modern art in a truly unique setting. 1888 Founded by Carl Jacobsen Brewery owner (1842-1914), the Art Museum has two main sections that combine art in an impressive architectural setting. Later, the Kingdom of Denmark paid one million to buy a museum from a brewer. Tickets cost around € 14, admission for children under 18 is free. On Tuesdays, admission to the museum is free.

  Our Savior Church. Our Savior's Church

  Our Savior Church is one of the most famous churches in Denmark. Ever since the inauguration of the Serpentine Tower in 1752. it became an integral part of Copenhagen. Atop the golden globe stands the Savior Himself and watches over the royal city of Copenhagen. Each year, more than 60,000 people climb the narrow steps to the top of the church.

Mūsų Išganytojo bažnyčia. Our Savior Church.
   Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

   If you are traveling with children, be sure to visit the Tivoli Gardens as well. Tivoli Gardens in the Danish capital Copenhagen is one of the main attractions for both adults and children. Set in the central part of the city, the theme park is just a short walk from City Hall and Central Station. Visiting the Tivoli Gardens is a favorite tradition of the Danish population. Thousands of Christmas lights shine in this entertainment kingdom in winter and many flowers bloom in summer. Tivoli Gardens can offer something special to anyone visiting them. Exotic architecture, historic buildings, lush gardens and colorful lights in the evenings create a fabulous atmosphere.

  Rosenborg Castle

  Rosenborg Castle is located in the center of the city, near the magnificent Royal Gardens. One of the most valuable cultural relics preserved in Rosenborg is the Crown Diamonds and the Danish Crown Rights and Privileges. The museum in Rosenborg holds items that belonged to the Royal Danish family for the last 400 years.

Rosenborg pilis (Rosenborg Castle)Rosenborg Castle  Copenhagen Honor Guard (Copenhagen Honor Guard)

  Right next to Rosenborg Castle is the Royal Guard of Honor, a regiment of Danish Army infantry, which was erected in 1658. Founded by King Frederick III. He has two roles: as a front line combat squad and as a guard and ceremonial unit of the Danish monarchy.

 Kopenhagos garbės sargyba (Copenhagen Honor Guard) Copenhagen Honor Guard

Christiania (Fristaden Christiania) 

  And being in Copenhagen is a must visit as well Christiania. Christiania (Danish: Fristaden Christiania) - The district of Copenhagen, otherwise known as the City of Freedom. In 1971 a group of people settled in abandoned barracks. At that time, property prices were rising in Copenhagen, streets were becoming increasingly crowded with traffic jams, and these people were craving greenery and dreaming of a playground for their children. When the Danish authorities spotted the "colonists", there were already several hundred on the island, who were not going to leave the island. Police have repeatedly tried to drive people out of the area, but have failed. Not only the high fence and the walls that once protected military sites around the Amo Island, but also the people of Copenhagen, who had come to defend the "free city", hampered the authorities' intentions to "deal" with the new islanders. After Tivoli Gardens is the second most visited tourist attraction in the Danish capital. Christiania, attracts about half a million tourists every year. One reason for attendance is the availability of soft drugs, which are not prohibited in the Free City. When walking around Christiania, I recommend not photographing the drug dealers there, they don't like it very much. Just don't expect to see a beautiful and well-groomed area, a deserted gathering place for punk, artists, and lovers of free living.

Kristijanija (Fristaden Christiania)Christiania (Fristaden Christiania)

 If you go to Copenhagen for Christmas or New Year you will definitely be disappointed. The central Christmas square in Copenhagen is beautifully landscaped even with the Lithuanian church's fir tree. It was a light shock for me to see the Copenhagen Christmas tree.

Kopenhagos Kalėdinė eglėCopenhagen Christmas Tree

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