A trip to Sacramento (Georgia). What to visit in Sacarvela?

A trip to Sacramento (Georgia). What to visit in Sacarvela? A trip to Georgia (Sacramento) is the unforgettable peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, the beaches of the Black Sea.

  A trip to Sacramento (Georgia). What to visit in Sacarvela? A trip to Georgia (Zacartvela) is the unforgettable peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, Black Sea beaches and the unique drinks of Zacartvela. So where do you start your tour of this wonderful country? You first need to decide whether you are traveling alone or with a company of friends. If you are traveling with a company of friends, I recommend hiring a tour guide who will not only take you by minibus on the most beautiful routes, but also tell you about your country. What guide to choose? I recommend the charismatic Tengo Nakopia, his profile on facebook https://www.facebook.com/tengo.nakopia . By the way, if you do not understand Russian, this guide will not apply, he speaks Russian and a little Lithuanian, because he is married to a Lithuanian. But promised to necessarily learn English 🙂

Sakartvelas. Tradiciniai Gruziniški saldumynų ChurchekhelaiTengo Nakopia or just Tangyz at the traditional Georgian sweets Churchekhel

What to Visit in Sacramento? In my opinion it is necessary to visit Vardzia Monastery. Monastery of Vardzia probably the most mythical and legendary place in Georgia. It's a city-cloister carved in caves that looks like a giant swallow's nest from a distance. Although Christian rock dwellings have been found in the area since the 6th century, it is this settlement that can be seen today only began in the 11th century at the behest of Queen Tamara to protect the natives from external threats. The rock-fortified fortress was made up of over 6,000 rooms spread over thirteen floors. Also in 1186. was trimmed to St. Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, equipped with a water supply system. 1283 Vardzija was devastated by the earthquake. Although the enemy failed to occupy this city-convent, most of the rock was destroyed by the earthquake. Only in 1578. When the Ottoman occupied the land, the monks were forced to abandon the monastery.

Vardzijos vienuolynas SakartvelojeVardzia Monastery in Sacramento   While in Sacarvela, it is necessary to visit the Gergeti Monastery, known locally as the "Monastery between Earth and Heaven", and although it is high up in the mountains, it is operational. Several monks live there. There is a church next to the monastery. This wonderful combination is located near the village of Gergeti, outside Stepantsminda. The monastery and the Orthodox Church are from 2170. above sea level at Mount Kazbek, one of the highest and most picturesque peaks in the Caucasus. So you will shoot two bunnies in one shot, visit the Monastery Between Earth and Sky and see the magnificent Mount Kazbek. We spent the night in the village of Gergeti, and only then did I understand why it was called the convent between earth and heaven. At dusk, like nothing to see, high up in the mountains, monks light candles and it looks like the monastery is just hanging in the air between earth and sky.
Gergeti vienuolynas ir vienuoliaiGergeti monks tidy up the environment  You can reach the monastery on foot, take a full day or take the service of the locals, who take them off-road. The road is so bad that even for off-road vehicles it is a twist. As our driver mentioned, it repairs the chassis completely monthly and sometimes more frequently.

Vardzijos vienuolynasMonastery of Vardzia  According to locals, it is necessary to use "air" or "oxygen" when driving in the Caucasus serpentines, depending on the condition, if the nausea is only a little "air" and if you really feel unwell, you will not go without "oxygen". In the air, they call it wine, and in oxygen, they call it Chacha. Čača is a grape vodka, made in the same way as a Lithuanian homemade, but not from rye, but from grapes. The strangest thing is that it is legal to cook it, in practically every village there is a Chacha maker near the shop, where you can taste it directly from the capsule drops, and if you like, you can buy it. At Tbilisi's most luxurious restaurant, when you go outside to park, there is also a Chacha maker and glasses added to keep you sober until the fog can drip into the glass and you won't have to pay for it unless you like it and buy a full bottle. beautifully packed. 

  It is a must to visit and visit Sacramento Prometheus - Kumisavi cave , which will not leave both. According to legend, the mythological Prometheus was punished and chained in these mountains for stealing fire from the Gods and passing it on to the people. Full Article About Prometheus - Kumisavi cave read the link.

  Drive to Armenian villages in Georgia, as there is very little firewood in the mountains and quite cold winters, and local 'firewood' is made from manure. With the help of a special apparatus, the manure is strongly compacted and shaped and then dried in the sun.

Armenians are getting ready for winter    Sakartwell is a country of contrasts. In Sacramento you will also see beaches with black sand, which heal from different leagues, both plains and mountains with beautiful lakes.

Sakartvelo kalnaiSacramento MountainsSakartvelo kalnai ir ežerasSacramento Mountains and LakeSakartvelo pilisSacramento Castle   When visiting Sacarvelva, be sure to taste it Georgian chachapuri. This is a traditional Georgian dish, by the way, in each region of Sachartvela, the chachapuri is different, so if you are traveling across the whole of Sakartvela, be sure to taste the chachapuri in each region and decide which region bakes the most delicious chachapuri. Another great dish that I definitely recommend you to try is Sacartzele - Chinkal. These are traditional Georgian dumplings that are now spread throughout the Caucasus. Most often they are stuffed with beef or pork, occasionally mutton. Sometimes the meat stuffing is made from cheese, potatoes or mushrooms. It is customary to eat chinkals alone, without the sauces, and sprinkled with pepper. The shape of the chincals is special - the top is like a dough tail. Chinkalis should be eaten by hand by the tail and placed in the mouth to dig into the tail, to feel the broth spill in the mouth and leave the tail itself, not eaten by the locals. And of course Georgian sweets - Churchekhela. Churchekhela is a Georgian sweet that is often mixed with sausages by tourists. Long, uneven, colorful cords hang in almost every Georgian shop or market. They are made from nuts, dried fruit flour and grape juice without any sugar. The local churchekhel calls it Georgian Snikers. Churchekhelas are pictured in the first photo.

    Throughout the trip I had to stay in both hotels and private rooms. And what surprised me the most was that when we came from Lithuania we saw how the faces of the Sartartvians were lit up. Maybe the country is not rich and our "buddies" have not yet polluted the name of Lithuania. Maybe it's some sort of mysterious two-way relationship. Have fun traveling…


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